Sunday, April 12, 2020

A Writing Ministry

I had no idea I had a "writing" ministry, but apparently, Joseph, my Bible teacher, thought so.

He told me this, over two weeks ago.

All I know is that when "prompted" by the Holy Spirit, I'd find myself writing, and writing, and writing.

So much so, that Spirit and I wrote 22 books on spiritual warfare in 36 days, on 24 November 2019 until 29 December 2019, as China was having the virus problem.

Spirit and I also wrote two more books on Jesus (non-fiction this time) after New Year.

Strangely enough, these books revealed the dreams and visions I'd been having for decades, which eerily echoed what the world was about to go through before the end of 2019 -- and what it was going through, all along.

It was surely God's perfect timing that I become a baby Christian on 6 September 2019, as proper preparation for those books.

In those 22 books, I had created a 26-year-old character, SCRIBU, the dream warrior, and scribe to Spirit.

SCRIBU stands for "Scripture-based understanding".

In between, Spirit and I wrote many posts on prophecy, and Bible passages often ignored.

I never knew when the "prompt" to write would come, but when it did, I had to pay attention to it right away, for it was just proper I'd pay attention to the Holy Spirit, and the Scripture verses that needed to be shared in my articles.

And because I was a writer, and internet marketer, I had the compulsion to share those prophecy posts, too.

Whether other marketers and readers cared, bought my books on Amazon, or paid attention, was of no immediate concern to me.

I was tasked to write, and I wrote.

They say you know if you really love your work, if you would do it, whether anyone cared to listen to you, or to "buy" your idea, product, or service.

And if no one did, you'd keep doing your work anyway.

The work had to stand on its own merits.

Well, I was in the service of the LORD.

I loved everything I was doing for Him.

It was the most enjoyable, unpaid work of my life!

The world wasn't paying me for my services.

All I do was free, as it alighted upon my heart, as prompted to write, and to share.

Joseph may just be right.

I may have a writing ministry.

Still, the Lord Jesus must be the focus:

"He must increase, but I must decrease."

John 3:30 (King James Version)

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