Friday, March 20, 2020

22 Books on Spiritual Warfare

Would you like to read a sample chapter from the 22 spiritual warfare books I've written? If you do, then please click on the titles and it will take you to the Amazon site, thanks!

1. ARMAGEDDREAMS: 12 Ways the Sleeping World Will Perish 
2. SCRIBU: The Dream Warrior 
3. THE ANCIENT BLACK BOOK: Stuff for those who care to wake up
4. THE ALABASTER ANGEL: Guarding the sacred throne 
5. RECONCILIATION: Scribu chooses God
6. THE JEALOUS GOD: No other gods before Him
7. THE HIDDEN GIFTS: Scribu’s little secrets
8. SCRIBE TO SPIRIT: Writing to rock the world
9. THE BABY CHRISTIAN: Protecting the new sheep
10. THE DESTROYER’S DEVICES: Identifying evil in the world
11. SCRIBU GETS GOD RIGHT: What the Bible says
12. IMPERVIOUS TO EVIL: When evil can’t touch you
13. THE PHLEGM FACTORY: Creating every day assassins
15. MASSIVE MONEY MACHINE: Where it’s all at
16. SNUFFING THE SPIRIT: The tale of the heartless ones
17. ENEMIES OF THE WORD: On witches, warlocks, wizards, and warlords
18. MODERN-DAY VAMPIRES: How others feed upon us
19. GRACE FROM GOD: Happiness for Seth
20. PROPHET OF MARKETS: The world is ripe for change
21. THE TEACHER OF NO REPUTATION: Contemplating the Divinity of CHRIST
22. HIGH BEAM SPIRIT: How one must seek GOD

What a journey!

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, I first started writing spiritual warfare short fiction late November 2019, and published my first book on 24 November 2019 at Amazon.

I found myself finishing the 22nd book by 29 December 2019, not really knowing that there was biological chaos growing in China, and other parts of the world.

That's very strange to reflect upon now.

I was tasked to keep busy, and write, while something was brewing in the world, even as I had dreamt an inkling of it here.

I had no idea I could write fiction, but Spirit had other ideas.

The stories -- based on my dreams and visions from decades ago -- were rich material for my books.

I had no idea they were going to be so relevant, especially with what's happening to the world today, right this very moment -- deadly virus and all.

All I know is I dreamt what I dreamt, wrote it all down, turned it over in my heart, and when I became a born-again Christian a day before my birthday last year, things started making sense.

Especially when I started reading the Bible.

Now, I don't feel so weird or strange anymore.

Now, I knew my dreams had a pattern, and I was probably being "alerted" to things that most people don't pay attention to.

Perhaps, I really did listen to the LORD.

Perhaps, I really did have a great desire to know EVERYTHING about Him.

Maybe, He saw all that, for He created me for a purpose, just as He created you for a purpose, and maybe my time to share all these with you, has come.

How can I say all my books came from the Holy Spirit?

Only because I wrote it in record time -- all 22 books in 36 days, and the thoughts and words would just flow.

Most importantly, all books are backed by Scripture.

I created SCRIBU, a fictional 26-year-old character who dreams the chief demon's schemes, to his great agitation.

How could she be in the know?

No one was supposed to know what he was up to.

How could she have known?

STONE, the chief warrior angel, and protector to SCRIBU, merely smiles knowingly.

This is the main theme of the 22 stories:

SCRIBU, the Dream Warrior, dreams,
SKAL, the Chief Demon, schemes,
STONE, the Chief Warrior Angel, protects, and
The SON, the Word of God, saves.

Click each title, which will bring you to the Amazon page, from which you can read a sample chapter for FREE.

All books are priced low, at $2.99 -- all available solely on Amazon. 

Here's my Amazon author page, which shows all the books together.

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